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      VWC was established in Beaufort in 2011 by Dr. Jim Holden. After twelve years of operation in a downtown historic structure from the 1890's, VWC relocated to 1111 Bay Street. Our current facility was constructed in 1955 and served as the general medical practice of Dr. Herbert Keyserling for forty years.

     At VWC, our focus is your pets' wellness. When our pets are healthy and happy ---  so are we! Wellness care begins at puppyhood and kittenhood and continues throughout our pets' lives. Nutrition is the basis for a healthy life for our pets and we provide common sense counseling tailored to the individual pet's needs. We also construct immunization schedules to fit the age and lifestyle of the animal --- one size does not fit all. Safe, effective parasite control is vitally important in the Lowcountry to ensure good health and happiness for pet and owner alike. When injury or illness occurs, our team works tirelessly to help your pet recover quickly and fully. Whenever possible, we work with you to provide the best outpatient care possible to avoid hospitalization. If more intensive care is needed, we advise you on your options and help you navigate through the process. 

     Our team of veterinarians have over 40 years of combined clinical practice experience. We get to know our clients and our patients and understand their individual, unique circumstances. We carefully conduct a thorough history and perform a detailed  physical examination before recommending a diagnostic or treatment plan. You receive a written summary of our findings and recommendations after each visit in an easy-to-understand format. When medications are required, we can usually dispense them from our in-house pharmacy --- avoiding delay in getting treatment started right away. We carry only the BEST preventative medications for heartworms and fleas and we offer veterinary diets from Purina, Hills, and Royal Canin. Our prices are reasonable and competitive in the hopes that you will spend your dollars locally instead of online. 

     Our practice culture of compassionate care extends from the doctors throughout the entire team at VWC. Everyone in our office considers our pets to be part of our family.



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